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Filling Cabinets

The filing cabinet is a piece of office equipment that acts as a space saver solution for your need for temporary and permanent storage and management of your documents such as Files etc. These steel storage cabinets are useful in factories, workshops, laboratories, colleges, research institutes, etc. They are provided with plastic handles with label holders for easy identification. 

The majority of filing cabinets come standard with a built-in locking mechanism and a key. This provides the privacy you’ll want to be sure it’s impossible to tamper with or steal your confidential files.

Filling Cabinets Size Description
Two Drawer Overall size : 29″ H X 18″ W X 27″ D
Three Drawer Overall size : 42″ H X 18″ W X 27″ D
Four Drawer Overall size : 54″ H X 18″ W X 27″ D

Tool Cabinet

Tool cabinets are used to accommodate and organize tools efficiently and with ease. These tool cabinets are very much suitable for industrial use. We offer best quality tools cabinet used in various industries. Our tools cabinet are made out of high quality material as per customized requirement.

Plan Filling Cabinet

Horizontal Plan Filling Cabinets are used to store important large-size layout drawing papers.