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Industrial Lockers

Hutaib Storage System’s industrial worker locker cabinets are designed to maximize space without compromising on accessibility. These cabinets are available in various sizes and configurations, allowing businesses to choose the right fit for their available space while ensuring that workers have easy access to their lockers.

Industrial Worker Locker Cabinet in Gujarat act as a space saver solution for your need to safely store your personal belongings such as clothes etc. These lockers are useful in factories, workshops, laboratories, and research institutes, and sports clubs. They are provided with label holders for easy identification and hasp and staple for the external lock.
Overall Outer size of the Locker cabinet – 78″H x 36″W x19″D.

Locker CabinetsSize Description
with 8 Individual Lockers455mmH X 455mmW X 430mmD
with 12 Individual Lockers455mmH X 305mmW X 430mmD
with 15 Individual Lockers365mmH X 305mmW X 430mmD
with 18 Individual Lockers305mmH X 305mmW X 430mmD
with 36 Individual Lockers200mmH X 225mmW X 430mmD

Pigeon Hole Cabinet

Can be provided with Pigeon holes as per requirement.
Overall Outer size of the Locker cabinet – 78″H x 36″W x19″D.