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Mould Storage Racks

Mould Storage Rack is perfect for storing heavy goods such as moulds, dies, motors and tools. They have one-way pull-out shelve along with sheet base panels for making the storage much simpler.

Further, it can be easily rolled out by hand and are perfect for storage of engine parts, dies, fixtures, tooling or items that require secure storage with simple access. The shelves are locked in comprehensive position for utmost safety and the basic starter unit can be extended to meet ever-changing storage requirements with add-on units.

Saving the space

1. Effectively save space and facilitate the maintenance and management of the mold

2. Lightweight operation

Bearing combination, smooth sliding, and independent hanging device

3. Safe and reliable Additional positioning device, safe and reliable

4. Simple structure Assembled with a variety of components, easy to transport, installation and disassembly.