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Heavy Duty Shelving and Filing Racks in Gujarat

Our high-quality, customizable heavy duty shelving and filing racks in Gujarat are designed to optimize space and streamline organization, making them ideal for businesses across industries. Whether you need efficient document storage or versatile shelving for your warehouse, our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Long-span shelving Rack is a durable, versatile, and economical shelving system. It has fully adjustable shelf heights and lengths. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications from archives to automotive, factories, warehouse, retail, wholesale and commercial. It is suitable for everything from small parts to long, heavy, or bulky goods. Versatility and flexibility to meet any storage needs.

Common components of shelving rack include the following:
Step Load beams are roll-formed members with a step along the top inside edge. This step is used to hold any load support components such as G.I. decking Panels. Step load beam typically mounts onto an upright frame column with integral nut & bolts.
Upright Frames (also called upright columns or uprights) vary in size and design depending on load requirements, and styles.

The most common upright column is produced by roll forming flat coil stock steel into a modified “C” shape with returns. Holes or slots are punched during manufacturing up and down the column at standard intervals so that the load beams can be mounted into the upright columns. Upright frames can also be constructed utilizing structural C shapes for columns. “Z” Shaped Braces commonly referred to as upright frame lacing is usually welded between two upright columns to form selective upright frames. The lacing may be bolted to the columns in some cases.