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Hutaib Storage System offers a range of steel office furniture cupboards in Gujarat that are engineered to last. It is constructed from high-quality steel, these cupboards are not only sturdy but also resistant to corrosion and damage, ensuring they retain their functionality and aesthetics for years to come. With customizable shelves, compartments, and locking mechanisms, these cupboards help businesses keep their documents, supplies, and valuables secure and well-organized.


Storewel Cupboard

A comprehensive range of Office Store well that we manufacture and trade is widely appreciated by our various clients. In order to provide maximum storage and a better look of office room, we manufacture Storage Systems with qualitative raw material such as steel CRCA Sheets and other accessories.  Standard Storewel cupboards are available with 04 fixed or adjustable shelves making five compartments and provided with a three-way locking arrangement.

Overall Size:78″ Hx36″Wx19″D

Minor Storewel

Minor Storewel Cupboard Overall Size:50″ Hx30″Wx17″ D provided with 02 Shelves making three compartments.

Glassdoor Cabinet

GlassDoor Cabinet Overall Size:78″Hx36″Wx19″D with 04 shelves making Five compartments.